Taiwan marriage equality

FILM: taipeilove* Tells the Story of the Taiwan Marriage Equality Fight

Taiwan marriage equality

In May last year, Taiwan made history as the first country in Asia to give the green light to same-sex marriage. Essentially, the Council of Grand Justices ruled that it was unconstitutional not to allow same-sex couples to marry. In its ruling it gave legislators a two year deadline to make a law allowing same-sex marriage to happen. It’s been almost a year, but the country isn’t any closer to same-sex couples heading down the aisle.

Making marriage equality happen has been a wild ride. All the more made clear in the rollercoaster of events just in the 10 months since the court’s ruling. Since May last year, religious groups have tried to start a petition to overturn the court’s ruling, Taipei hosted Asia’s biggest Pride parade ever, lawmakers continually found excuses not to make marriage equality law and a Taiwan court refused to recognize the marriage of a gay couple wedded overseas. Taiwan’s longest-running marriage equality activist Chi Chia Wei sums it up pretty well: ‘You’re almost home yet you need to wait outside the door for the next year and a half’.

Thankfully one filmmaker has been there to capture Taiwan’s unbelievable path to marriage equality in a unique ‘passion project’. Germany’s Lucie Liu, decided to document Taiwan’s struggles to achieve marriage equality in her documentary, taipeilove*.

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Author: Scott Coatsworth