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Four Advances for Queer Rights

rainbow world map - pixabay

The world continues to turn, and not everything is getting worse for the queer community:

Trinidad and Tobago Okays Gay Sex

Trinidad and Tobago has struck down a colonial-era law that criminalised gay sex in the islands. A high court judge ruled on Thursday that the historic laws banning “buggery” are unconstitutional and will be struck down.

Portugal Eases Gender Change

Portugal’s parliament recently approved a new law, which makes it easier for citizens to legally change their gender. Per the law, people from the age of 16 can now legally change their gender and name on various documents without a medical report. The 230-count legislative body approved the law with 109 votes.

New Zealand Erases Criminal Convictions for Gay Sex

New Zealand’s parliament has unanimously passed legislation that would erase past criminal convictions for homosexuality. Homosexuality was decriminalized in New Zealand in 1986, but people who were convicted before then still had the offence listed on their official records…

Anchorage Voters Defeat Anti Trans Bathroom Bill

Voters in Anchorage, Alaska appear to have defeated Proposition 1, an anti-trans “bathroom bill” that would have forced people to use bathrooms corresponding with their birth certificate gender. No on Prop 1 took 53 percent of the votes with yes getting 46 percent.

Author: Scott Coatsworth