French Quarter Wedding Chapel - New Orleans Gay Friendly Wedding Venue

French Quarter Wedding Chapel – New Orleans Gay Friendly Wedding Venue

French Quarter Wedding Chapel - New Orleans Gay Friendly Wedding Venue

We are the only wedding chapel in the French Quarter, serving the world since 2000 by celebrating love and uniting ALL couples of numerous diverse backgrounds with individual tastes, in the officially proclaimed “romantic capital of the world” New Orleans, Louisiana. We present the couple with options to pick whatever they want, in a very intimate way, to share their special day with loved ones.

Rev. Tony brings his zest for life and passion for sending couples and their guests, no matter how small or large the guest list, off with common sense words of wisdom for a happy life and his commitment to give every attendant a spectacular day to remember, based on the specific requests of the couple or his ability to “take care of it all” in the low stress, never mediocre, New Orelans style.

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas but what happens in New Orleans, will make the newspapers! The Rev. has married over 16,000 couples with great passion and care for each individual couple.

The Chapel was featured in its own reality show in 2011, “Big Easy Brides”, where the world was introduced to the Rev’s excitement in sharing the uniting of two souls, New Orleans style, complete with parading through the streets of the Quarter in full regalia, which includes a high stepping grand marshall with a five piece brass band, the honored couple with their sequined, rhinestoned, custom dancing parasols, the “second line” marchers which are the friends and family guests, as well as any bystanders caught up in the excitement.

The usual parade includes the Rev’s own “traveling bartender” which is best described as a train of 10 ice chests filled with several drinks of choice and beads, on wheels, pulled by a motorized scooter. Guests will be tossing beads, waving handkerchiefs, and clapping along to that beat we love, dancing in the streets, parading by the balconies of all the famous hot spots of this historic, seductive, mysterious, and romantic city who holds her arms open to all the world’s people to “laissez les bon temps rouler” or let the good times roll!

If the Chapel with its collection of antiques, chandeliers and oil lamps is not your style, choose an intimate courtyard setting tucked away in a private local home, with only the sounds of the violinist and the distant hoof beats of your traditional southern mule drawn carriage appearing to carry you to one of our world famous New Orleans restaurants where your table awaits you and your beloved.

Just ask!

Author: Scott Coatsworth