Gay Couple Sues GOP

Gay Couple Sues After Wedding Photo Used in GOP Attack Ad

Gay Couple Sues GOP

A gay couple has hired an attorney to sue their state’s Republican Party after a photo of their wedding was used in an attack ad. Shane and Landon Morgan of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, got married in a ceremony officiated by Gayle Jordan. Jordan posted a picture of herself with the happy couple to Facebook.

Jordan, a lawyer, is now running for the state senate, and the Tennessee Republican Party used the image in a mailer to attack her. “Liberal Gayle Jordan will ‘destroy the fabric of American society.’ Take her word for it,” the mailer said.

“To see our picture on our wedding day being used in such a vile manner, it’s taken that special moment and ruined it,” Shane said. “Ruined it. Very hurt. Very hurt.”

By Alex Bollinger – Full Story at LGBTQ Nation

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Author: Scott Coatsworth