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GOP Goes After LGBTIQA Rights

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The Trump era is seeing a concerted effort to roll back LGBTIQA rights:

Alabama Senate Passes Bill to Erase Marriage Licences So Judges Won’t Give Them to Gay Couples
The Senate in Alabama has passed a Republican-sponsored bill which aims to outlaw same-sex marriages by eliminating marriage licences altogether. State Sen. Greg Albritton, the bill’s sponsor in the Senate, stressed in an op-ed that his legislation “does not eliminate marriage as an institution recognized by the State of Alabama.”

Alaska Could be Passing an Anti-Trans Bathroom Legislation
The next fight for transgender rights will take place in Alaska as plans to pass anti-trans bathroom legislation are underway. The state’s capital city of Anchorage is debating an anti-transgender toilet ballot initiative in their next municipal election, where voters will cost their ballot on a mail postal vote.

Oklahoma Republicans Pass Bill Allowing Adoption Agencies To Turn Away Gays And Non-Christians
A bill that opponents say would allow religious-based adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples, single people and non-Christians has cleared the Oklahoma Senate. Senate Bill 1140 passed 35-9 Tuesday and now heads to the House. The bill would cover child-placing agencies that block adoptive parents who do not meet the agencies’ religious or moral standards. Republican Sen. Greg Treat sponsored the bill and said it would protect that practice from potential lawsuits.

GOP Resurrects “First Amendment Defense Act” To Legalize Anti-LGBT Discrimination Nationwide
A group of 22 GOP senators is reintroducing a controversial measure that would protect opponents of same-sex marriage from federal actions intended to curb discrimination. The First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) would bar the federal government from taking any action against individuals who discriminate against same-sex couples or others based on “a sincerely held religious belief.”

Author: Scott Coatsworth