New Survey Shows Distance Between Democrats and Republicans on Queer Rights

A survey of Democratic and Republican candidates on LGBTQ acceptance showed a stark difference between the two parties.

The poll, conducted by GLAAD, was sent to 1165 candidates for the Senate, the House, Governor, and Lt. Governor this past July.

The candidates were asked if they were comfortable with LGBTQ people in various situations, like “Learning that a member of your family is LGBTQ” or “Seeing a same-sex couple holding hands.” These questions are similar to Harris Poll’s “Accelerating Acceptance Report.”

Respondents are then labeled “allies,” “detached supporters,” or “resistors,” based on how many situations they are uncomfortable with.

Only 32 of the Republicans who received the questionnaire even responded. Of those who responded, only about half were categorized as “allies.”

Authored By Alex Bollinger – See the Full Story at LGBTQ Nation

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Author: Scott Coatsworth