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Poland May Issue a “Gay Propaganda” Ban

Warsaw - pixabay

Polish president Andrzej Duda has said he would consider issuing a Russian-style “gay propaganda” law that would ban LGBTQ media, literature, and gatherings like Pride.

The authoritarian leader told a reporter, “I think that this kind of propaganda should not take place in schools, it has to be calmly and consistently opposed. If such a law was created and would be well written, I do not exclude that I would approach it seriously.”

The comment was spurred by a youth protest in favor of LGBTQ rights. After the government banned “Rainbow Friday,” an event like America’s Spirit Day meant to show pride and solidarity with the LGBTQ community, hundreds of students nationwide still wore rainbow colored clothing to school.

“The current Polish government suspects the Russian government of murdering their previous president, Lech Kaczynski, in 2010, but seems to have no problems with copy-pasting their illiberal policies,” according to Rémy Bonny, a political scientist who specializes in LGBT issues in central and eastern Europe.

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Author: Scott Coatsworth