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Purple Unions: Queer Rights Update 7/21/18

Here are recent updates on Queer Rights worldwide:

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State Hires Trans people to Protect Women From Rape
A state in India has recruited the trans community to help protect women and girls living in care homes.

LGBTIQA Protests Sweep Israel, Businesses Pitch In
On Wednesday, Israeli parliament approved a new surrogacy law that fails to extend the right of couples to use surrogate mothers to the country’s gay population. In response, members of the Israeli LGBT community and their supporters protested in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on Wednesday evening. Now the community is escalating its demonstrations with a call for a general strike on Sunday, and many international companies operating in the country and Israel-based businesses are voicing their support.

Qatar Censors LGBT News Coverage
2022 World Cup host Qatar is censoring coverage of LGBT rights, it has been reported.

LGBTIQA-Inclusive Sex Ed Mandated for All Students
British students of all ages will soon start receiving mandatory comprehensive relationship and sexual education courses according to Education Secretary Damien Hinds. Faith-based schools will have to comply with the new guidance.

Gay Couple Turned Away by Florist
A florist in Avon, Indiana, refused to sell wedding flowers to a gay couple according to one of the men. David Elliott says he and his partner, Daniel Collins, were refused service when the shop owner realized the wedding didn’t include a bride.

It’s Legal to Discriminate Against LGBT people in Michigan, AG Says
Michigan has halted investigations of anti-LGBT discrimination, after the state’s Attorney General Bill Schuette issued a formal opinion that affirms it’s legal to discriminate in the state.

Author: Scott Coatsworth