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Purple Unions: Queer Rights Update 8/16/18

Here’s our latest Queer Rights Update worldwide:

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Straight People Are Less Attracted to Trans People, No Matter How Good Looking
A study by researchers at Indiana University found that straight people are less attracted to trans people — regardless of how good looking that person is. 319 cisgender and heterosexual college students participated in the study, published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science. The purpose of the study was to find evidence of transphobia on dating apps.

Government to Recognize Third Gender on Birth Certificates
Germany’s Cabinet approved a measure that would allow newborns to be identified as a third gender at birth. The move comes several months after the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that the government must create a third gender category or scrap the gender marker on birth certificates completely.


Two Women to Be Caned for Having Gay Sex
Two women in Malaysia have been sentenced to six lashings each after being arrested for having sex with each other. They have also been fined RM3,300 (£630) each, and told that they will face a four-month prison term if they fail to pay.

Party Leader: Gay People Will Make Malaysia ‘Unhealthy and Unethical’ if They Achieve Equality
A political party leader in Malaysia has said that if LGBT+ keep pushing for equal rights, it could destroy the health and ethics of a generation. Latteffah Ali, state chairperson of the women’s wing of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) – the main opposition party in the country, contributed to the ongoing firestorm in the country around LGBT+ rights.

Many Gay Men, Lesbians Still Choosing Civil Partnership Over Marriage
For Elias Jahshan, entering into a civil partnership with his partner, Aaron Evans, is a chance to show their commitment to each other. The couple have been together for 18 months and are holding the ceremony in front of their ‘nearest and dearest’ in October.

Mormon Church Doubles Down on Anti-Gay Policies
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) has quietly doubled down on their controversial anti-gay policies. Known as the ‘November Policy,’ these guidelines were released in November of 2015 — shortly after the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. The Policy labeled same-sex couples as ‘apostates’ and disqualified their children from Baptism without special permission.

Atlanta Landscape Designer Denies Service to Gay Couple Because Their Marriage is a ‘Perverse Foolish Delusion’
Stuart Dinenno (above right), the owner of Botanica Atlanta Landscape Design in Atlanta, Georgia, refused service to a gay couple and then said it was because their marriage is “very perverse and foolish” and a “delusion.” Colton S. of Sandy Springs, Georgia wrote a review of the company on Yelp after experiencing the denial: “Contacted today about a very large project in Sandy Springs. The owner asked if the work was for me and my wife, I said no me and my husband and he replied that he wouldn’t be interested in working with us.”

First Trans Gubernatorial Candidate Speaks Out
Christine Hallquist is a former energy executive who has stepped out from behind the CEO desk to step into the Vermont governor’s race. She’s married, and a parent. She’s a long-time Democrat running to defeat a Republican in a state where they haven’t unseated a first term incumbent Governor since 1963. She’s also a transgender woman who, if successful, will be the first trans person to serve as a governor of an American state.

Author: Scott Coatsworth