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Purple Unions: Queer Rights Update 8/2/18

Here’s our latest Queer Rights Update worldwide:

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Dr. Pepper is Queer
In a bold new ad, Dr. Pepper joins the ranks of companies capitalizing off the LGBTQ community, but in such a cheeky way that it’s impossible to give them stink eye. The strange soft drink from Texas has come out as queer. And “vers.”

Pantene Celebrates Thai Trans Community
Pantene is the latest hair-care company to champion transgender diversity in a heartwarming new advertising campaign in Thailand.

Final Vote on Trans Rights Bill Set in Congress
A joint commission comprised of members of both houses of the Chilean Congress on Monday dispatched a transgender rights bill, paving the way for a final vote after more than five years of debate.

Supreme Court Rules for Marriage Equality
Costa Rica’s Supreme Court has legalized same-sex marriage, giving the government until 2020 to change the current law.

Only 23% Think Protecting Queer Rights is Important
A new poll shows that the majority of people in Georgia, the Eurasian country in the Caucasus region, don’t believe LGBTI rights should be protected.

State to Pay for Gender Reassignment Surgeries
The Indian state of Kerala, which lies on the country’s Malabar Coast, has said it will fund transgender people’s gender reassignment surgeries.

First Queer Party to Be Founded
A political party devoted to LGBTI issues will be founded in Tel Aviv, Israel. The founders have said it will be Israel’s only political party solely dedicated to progressing rights of the LGBTI community, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Government Faces Backlash for Removing Queer Activist Portraits
Malaysia’s government has come under fire from human rights campaigners and members of the arts community after two portraits of LGBTI activists were removed from a photography exhibition.

20,000 Call for End to Gay Conversion Therapy
LGBT+ rights campaigners have handed two petitions, with more than 20,000 signatures between them, to New Zealand’s government – calling for gay conversion therapy to be banned.

Gay Activists Arrested for Celebrating Pride
Police sought to detain anyone holding a rainbow flag or other “gay propaganda” after a Pride parade was canceled in St. Petersburg.

Vandals Plaster “Women Don’t Have Penises” Stickers Around London
Trans campaigners have criticised “anti-trans bigots,” after a number of “disgusting” phallus-shaped stickers – carrying the phrase “women don’t have penises” – were found across London, including on Stonewall’s office building.

Government Convicts Two Men for Same Sex Relationship
Two men have been convicted for having a consenting same-sex relationship in Zambia. According to a report from AFP, Stephen Sambo, 30, and Japhet Chataba, 38, were found guilty of “performing unnatural acts”.


Number of Queer Candidates Running For Office Breaks Record
A record number of over 400 LGBT+ candidates are standing in elections for public office in the United states, according to the Victory Institute.

Democratic Representative Introduces Bill to Help Trans People Through Airport Screenings
United States Representative Kathleen Rice (D-NY) introduced a bill to Congress today seeking to improve airport security screenings for transgender people.

Governor Offers to Marry Gay Couple Denied a Marriage License
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has offered to officiate the wedding of two gay men who were denied a marriage license by a local town clerk.

Author: Scott Coatsworth