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Purple Unions: Queer Rights Update 8/2/18

Here are recent updates on Queer Rights worldwide:

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Trans People and the Lobster Emoji
Trans activist and author Charlie Craggs is demanding to know why the trans community does not have an emoji – and she’s using lobsters to make her point. The Marie Claire Future Shaper award winner is fronting a campaign to get Unicode, the organization that chooses emojis for public use, to create a trans flag emoji.

Yelp Adds “Open to All” Pledge for Business Listings
Yelp has added a new option to allow businesses to advertise the fact that they do not discriminate.

Trump Administration to Lift US Punishments on Homophobic Countries
Speaking at the Ministerial To Advance Religious Freedom this week, Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney attacked the Obama administration for using taxpayer dollars to promote women’s rights and LGBTQ rights in Africa.

Half of Queer Millennial Adults Are in the Closet
Half of LGBT millennial adults haven’t come out yet, according to new research. The Australian survey, conducted by ABC, has been released just weeks after another study showed that nearly half of LGBT+ employees in the US hide their sexuality at their place of employment.

Canadians Plan to Boycott First Chick-fil-A’s in Toronto
Canadians are threatening to boycott Chick-fil-A outlets, set to open in Toronto from next year onwards, on social media.

Government Reverses Library Ban on Queer Children’s Books
The Hong Kong government has reportedly reversed its decision to remove ten LGBT+ children’s books from its 82 public libraries.

Bollywood Stars Support Repeal of Anti-Gay Sex Law
As India’s apex court prepares to a rule on the constitutionality of the country’s anti-gay law, Bollywood stars are coming out in support of repeal and more LGBT equality in the country.

MP Calls Queer Couples “Unproductive”
A politician in Japan has caused an uproar after describing LGBTI couples as “unproductive” and questioned whether it is”appropriate to spend taxpayer money on them”.


Sessions Announces ‘Religious Liberty Task Force’ to Implement and Enforce Anti-LGBTQ Policies
Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Monday morning announced the formation of a “Religious Liberty Task Force” intended to implement and enforce anti-LGBTQ Trump policies that would allow people to discriminate based on religious beliefs.

RNC Passes Resolution to Make Sex-Ed Courses Opt-In
In an effort to carry even more water for the religious right, the GOP has declared war on sex education.

Is the State Department Revoking Passports for Trans Citizens?
The National Center for Transgender Equality says that fears sparked on social media that transgender people’s passports are being denied are overblown.

Trump’s War on Queer Rights
Trump has instituted a sustained war on LGBTQ rights. It’s not as if every attack has gone unnoticed. However, looking at each episode individually dilutes the collective impact. When you put them all together, the pattern is clear.

Democrats Demand Census Include Queer Questions
Democrats in Congress are pushing back against the Trump administration’s decision to take LGBTI questions off the United States Census.

Alaskan Airlines Claims Seat Move Was a “Seating Error”
Alaska Airlines apologized this week after a flight attendant asked a gay man to give up his seat next to his partner so a straight couple could sit together, an exchange that put the airline on the defensive as it rebutted claims of discrimination.

Appeals Court Rules Trans Women Aren’t Women
A Michigan appeals court issued a transphobic ruling for an ejected member of a Planet Fitness gym who sued in 2015 after her membership was revoked because she complained about a transgender woman (whom she described as a “man”) in the locker room. The ruling calls transgender women “men who identify as women.”

County Clerk Denies Marriage License to Gay Couple, Cites Religious Beliefs
A gay couple from upstate New York were denied a marriage license by the county clerk and now even the Governor is getting involved. Thomas Hurd and Dylan Toften from Root, New York, went to the local county courthouse expecting to walk away with a marriage license. County clerk Laurel Eriksen, however, turned them away.

Author: Scott Coatsworth