Same Sex Couples Sue Japanese Government for Marriage Equality

Tokyo - pixabay

Ten same-sex couples will file a lawsuit against the Japanese government in a bid for recognition towards marriage equality.

The couples, who will file a joint lawsuit in February, reportedly argue that Japanese law doesn’t put into consideration the equal rights of same-sex couples and should be amended accordingly.

Article 24 of Japan’s Constitution states that “marriage shall be based only on the mutual consent of both sexes.”

Lawyers for the couples argue that the wording means that marriage equality should be officially recognised.

According to The Japan Times, The government has meanwhile indicated that marriage should only apply to heterosexual couples, arguing that the term “husband and wife” is used in the civic and family registration laws. The Japanese government are said to believe that this clearly refers to a marriage between a man and a woman and would, therefore, be unable to accept applications from gay and lesbian couples.

Shinya Maezono, one of the lawyers to represent the couples, said: “We want our call to be widespread so that the freedom to marry will be recognized for everyone.”

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Author: Scott Coatsworth