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Taiwan to Hold Referendum to Block Marriage Equality

Taiwan - pixabay

Taiwan will hold a referendum on same-sex marriage, it has been announced. The referendum, set to be held on November 24, will decide the country’s approach to same-sex unions in the wake of a landmark court ruling.  In May 2017, Taiwan’s constitutional court ruled that gay couples must have the right to marry, giving […]

Purple Unions: Queer Rights Update 7/26/18

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Here are recent updates on Queer Rights worldwide: BRAZIL Trans Woman Who Works as Scavenger Gets Dream Wedding Thousands of people turned out to watch the wedding of a trans woman and her long time boyfriend in Brazil. Erica, 54, and Jorge, 49, are a beloved, well-known couple in the small city of Franco da […]

South Carolina Republicans Want to Make Same Sex Marriages “Parody Marriage”

Bill Chumley

Upstate lawmakers are working to pass a new bill that will probably get people talking. According to the SC Statehouse website, the bill, entitled the “Marriage and Constitution Restoration Act,” was introduced in the House, read for the first time and referred to Committee on Judiciary on February 15, 2018. “‘Parody marriage’ means any form […]