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Taiwan to Hold Referendum to Block Marriage Equality

Taiwan - pixabay

Taiwan will hold a referendum on same-sex marriage, it has been announced. The referendum, set to be held on November 24, will decide the country’s approach to same-sex unions in the wake of a landmark court ruling.

In May 2017, Taiwan’s constitutional court ruled that gay couples must have the right to marry, giving politicians two years to introduce the reform through the legislature before the right to marry automatically comes into effect.

However, the referendum announced by the Central Election Commission seeks to throw a roadblock in the way of reforms by creating a new segregated form of legal union for same-sex couples, and reserving the existing marriage law for “a man and a woman.” It comes after months of pressure from anti-LGBT groups, who amassed hundreds of thousands of signatures opposing the direct introduction of same-sex marriage through the Civil Code.

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Author: Scott Coatsworth