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US Supreme Court Cases Could Expand Title VII Protections to Queer Americans

US Supreme Court - Pixabay

A series of court cases winding their way toward the U.S. Supreme Court offer the prospect of fundamentally expanding the federal Civil Rights Act to provide definitive statutory inclusion for LGBT Americans.

This development portends a clarification that federal protections on the basis of “sex” are to be interpreted as encompassing “sexual orientation” and “gender expression.” The high court’s inevitable review and likely affirmation may not come as expeditiously as desired, but the outcome appears predictable – and by a judicial bench not tilting to the left.

While the focus of these cases regards employment protections, the ramifications of a legal victory would affect all aspects of life, liberty and love in a country that is fully prepared to accept such a ruling.

As part of the breathtaking evolutionary embrace of equal treatment at an historic accelerated pace, all sliced-and-diced demographics – whether by age, ethnicity, geography, political affiliation, or other measure – are supportive of civil equality for LGBT citizens. In addition, business and corporate support is both extraordinarily strong and nearly universal.

Authored By Mark Lee – See the Full Story at The Washington Blade

Author: Scott Coatsworth